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Context for Campaign


  • How we get to the win number
  • With limited money
     Budget Total Needed Fundraising Goals
    June $6,481 $2,500
    July $950 $5,500
    August $3,200 $7,000
    September $4,150 $10,000
    October $16,800 $9,000
    November $3,200 $1,000
    Totals $35,081 $35,000

    Every email address we can collect will save $$$ in contact costs as the campaign goes on.

  • Door knocking is most effective.
    If Deb knocks 300 doors per week, she can knock 300 X 18 = 5400 doors before November.  We need to persuade approximately 7000 voters to either show up, vote Dem, or split their ticket.She can’t do it alone.  Considering that knocks have a  20% ? answer rate, we would need 35,000 knocks to successfully reach 7,000 voters.  If we had 100 volunteers, that would be 700 knocks per volunteer before November, and that assumes 100% conversion rate.

    Phone banking will be needed to cover the deficit, but we will not discuss today.

Canvassing by Door

  • Walk sheets
  • Message
  • Data entry

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