“Our rural area gets overlooked in favor of bigger and more powerful forces in the State. I believe we must stand together, putting party politics aside, to restore prosperity and improve our quality of life.”


Just like all Americans, we the people of Pennsylvania’s 78th District have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But our rural families aren’t truly free to enjoy their rights if they have few choices due to low-paying jobs, limited education/training opportunities, and insufficient access to health services. I want to fight for our rural working families and small town way of life to defend our freedoms:

The Freedom to Prosper

  • Local jobs with wages that can support a family
  • Protection from tax increases
  • Training and job opportunities, for our youth and adults, close to home
  • Investments in our small rural communities, local small businesses and infrastructure
  • Support for agriculture and the small farmer as an important part of our local economy and culture
  • Local public schools that can provide our kids the same opportunities as kids in wealthier districts
  • A balanced and on-time State budget so our local governments and people don’t suffer

The Freedom to be Healthy

  • Quality local health services
  • Affordable health care
  • A plan and funding to fight the opioid health emergency
  • Local services to keep senior loved ones at home
  • Local services for our veterans

The Freedom to Live Life Your Way

  • Protection of  2nd amendment rights, religious freedom and all other constitutional rights
  • Protection of our natural resources, hunting and fishing
  • Local and regional control as much as possible
  • Political power in the hands of voters and away from politicians and special interests


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