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What We Say about Ourselves

  • Not a politiician
  • Grassroots campaign for everyday people
  • Fighting for people with mud on their boots – rural working families
  • Wants to make sure our children and grandchildren can make a life for themselves in our rural community
  • Local jobs that pay a living wage
  • Lower tax burden on rural families
  • Fair state funding for rural schools including safety measures
  • Rural broadband & cell coverage

What Will Opponent Say about Us?

  • I represent local values
  • An outsider who does not represent local values.
  • Too liberal for our area
  • Inexperineced
  • Tax and spend liberal
  • Tool of labor
  • Trying to catch the blue wave

What Are We Saying about Our Opponent

  • Puppet the leadership
  • Takes PAC money
  • What has he actually done for the area? (Do Nothing Jesse)
  • Working to build a political future rather than working for you.
  • Did nothing to reform gerrymandering
  • Ignores a lot of the District’s communities
  • Not addressing real issues of everyday people
  • Compare what he says to how he votes or make a statement about voting record
  • Thinks he’s entitled to the office
  • Fantasy response to opioid problem
  • Part of a dysfunctional legislature

What Are They Saying about Themselves?

  • I represent local values
  • Stable families lead to greater educational opportunities
  • Small government
  • Support second amendment (rights of gun owners across the state)
  • Represent conservative values
  • Protect taxpayers
  • Government should be stewards of taxpayer money
  • Protect the unborn


Folder with agendas/notes from Kitchen Cabinet meetings.

Google Drive Primary Election Volunteer Spreadsheet

Google Drive 2017 Primary Turnout by Precinct

Google Drive Friends of Deb Shared Google Drive Folder


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