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Vice-Chair of Commissioners
Bedford County Commissioner

Contact Bedford County Commissioner Deb Baughman to learn more about her vision for keeping Bedford County, PA strong and prosperous with local government for the people –and have your voice heard. Get answers to your questions, express any concerns, and get active to make a difference in the lives of the people of Bedford County.

Contact Deb to share your thoughts and comments about the future of Bedford County or request information about Bedford County Board of Commissioner decisions, property assessment, elections, county legislative actions, human services, emergency management, veterans’ affairs, county asset and fiscal management, county personnel appointment, and related county operations and services.

Re-elect Deb Baughman Bedford County Commissioner.

Building for the future.

The future of Bedford County is up to us, and we need your help. Every little bit counts!
Donations should be payable to Friends of Deb Baughman and can be sent to:
194 Titan Road, Saxton. PA 16678.
[email protected]


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Deb Baughman, Secretary
Bedford County Commissioners

Bedford County Courthouse
Third Floor, Suite 301
200 South Juliana Street
Bedford, PA 15522

Phone: (814) 623-4807
Fax:  (814) 623-0991
Email: [email protected]