Deb Baughman for Commissioner

Deb Baughman of Saxton is announcing her candidacy for Bedford County Commissioner and is seeking the Democratic nomination. “I believe we are ‘Bedford County Strong’ with many assets that can be utilized to create a prosperous future,” Baughman says of her inspiration to run. She already has a strong campaign team in place and is looking forward to being out among voters to hear their concerns.

Her goal is simply put: keep Bedford County strong. ALL of Bedford County. Baughman believes the county has been heading in the right direction through the coordinated efforts of local officials and community and business leaders. She wants to keep that momentum going and believes in building bridges between residents, municipalities, civic groups, agencies, and businesses. “Everything I do as commissioner will be to create a better life for you and your family,” Baughman says of her commitment to residents.

A campaign kick-off event will be held at the Bedford American Legion at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, January 29th. All those interested in Baughman’s campaign are invited to attend. Attendees will learn more about her and how to get involved with her campaign. Following the event, the Bedford County Democrats will hold their regular monthly meeting.

As the 2018 Democratic nominee for state representative in the 78th District, Baughman is known for leading an energetic and positive grassroots campaign that focused on the needs of rural families and communities. During that campaign, Baughman organized several community “cash mobs” to support local businesses and call public attention to economic challenges faced by farmers, local business owners and non-profit organizations.

Baughman believes county government should be efficient, transparent and responsive to the needs of the people. “Elected officials should conduct themselves as servant leaders who sit at the people’s workbench.” Baughman adds, “I want to be the kind of leader who embraces challenges and doesn’t let go until a solution is found. One such challenge is our declining population and rising average age. In all corners of the county we share the same hope for the future: that our children stay close to home. Finding ways to provide opportunity for our youth and young families to make a decent life for themselves in Bedford County is critical to our future and will benefit everyone.” A related challenge is the widespread lack of reliable and affordable cellular and broadband service throughout the county. Baughman states, “Everyone realizes cellular and broadband is an expectation of modern life- just like having electricity. I support efforts underway to address this problem, but I’d like to find ways to hurry it along.” She also supports plans for a new birthing center in Bedford County and believes the project is an excellent example of the effectiveness of local government working with community members and organizations to bring about positive change.

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